Fisheries Outreach

Programs and initiatives intended to support people and entities that participate in fisheries, including fishermen and their families, fishing-related businesses, fishing communities, counties, and states.

  • Education and Workshops
    Geographically, the U.S. has a long coastline – with fishing of various types taking place all along it.  The Center provides a central point to:

    • Act as a clearing house for disseminating data and providing information about fisheries issues;
    • Provide opportunities to gather various groups to discuss and share information to solve challenges;
    • Develop educational workshops to learn about other fisheries, ideas, methods and equipment;
    • Discuss issues relating to community resilience in the face of changes in the fisheries and the ecosystem; and
    • Share insights and experience among groups who may not otherwise have contact with each other.
  • Disaster support
    Offer social and informational support to those impacted by fishery disaster declarations, natural disasters that impact fisheries, or economic disasters as a result of regulatory changes. The Center could serve as a resource connecting those in need with the government and charitable organizations that can help. No direct financial support is currentlyl contemplated.
  • Establishment of a fishery crisis resource center
    When a person or fishing vessel is missing, often those on land are unknowledgeable as to contact points to leverage resources potentially available to assist in search operations, such as U.S. Navy exercises and notification to fishing and other vessels in the area. The Center could serve as a gateway, assisting the missing’s loved ones in making contact with these resources. The Center will also be prepared to refer survivors to social assistance organizations that are qualified to help those cope with a sudden and tragic loss, which can be especially hard when no remains are able to be recovered.

  • Honor those lives that are lost at sea while fishing
    Both recreational and commercial fishing aboard vessels is dangerous and can and does result in tragedy. The Center will build an online memorial commemorating those lives lost while pursuing their vocation or passion and will maintain and publicize a register of the many monuments that commemorate those lost lives.